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Self-Entitlement -I would Say " We are blessed"

So let’s keep the convo open and let me make all of you feel self-assured on being who you are.
Let say, we are half-conscious so much so that the only loud thing is the world outside us .All we see is what we want to see.

And you say...

“Are you living in oblivion”,
“You crazy?"
"Oh my God, I guess you had got yourself an official pardon of being this way? huhhhhh

Let me say I accept that..I accept we are lost, I accept “Us".
But what about you my dear? Are you really present?
Are you not framed by this anonymous side within you?

You call the world crazy and self-centered. And sometimes “silly" not realizing how awkward and condescending you may sound.

Sometimes not even knowingly, you pass and say “C’mon, they don't even know what’s going around them"

So completely dense and empty. We don't even relate to them. (Multiple Voices)
I want to shout at times, crack my knuckles and breathe, un-breathe so hard and deep that I might even be called criminal.

So subliminal it is

I shall call it Self-assault,
Is it not? Would you not call this ironical, mere self-punishment of its kind?

I don't see you, I see us...

Here we are...

Let’s reclaim “Us"

And let me stand up for this.
I don’t come from a different Land; I am a human, flesh and bones, yet more soul...
Are you patronizing superiority over me? Are you stressing that you are better?

Of what? Prudence, sensibility, passion, wealth, color, religion? What ?

Really Give me what is it?

What more?
It only takes this, for you to differentiate?
And who gave that to you...?

I don’t read who you are; you can’t live what they are
And they can’t see what lives in me

Than what is the self-entitlement for? So beautifully you pick yourself out from the mob and claim yourself to be different

But in truth it’s not only you, it’s me, its them, it’s all of us.
We are living a “No Name Face" spacing to be in different world, trying to seclude and posing to be chaste.

One day I hope your soul walks past you, and breathe tranquility and call your name and tell you who you are.


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