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Lets start  with the  Cliche relationship  Story!
Don't tell me you.......too (Part-1)
Like you also felt too conscious about what your guy wears and wanted to make him look like Brad Pitt .. not that I like him but just saying for the sake of name tagging. I liked Josh Hartnett, Chris Hemsworth, Luke Wilson (the guy from the movie " Legally Blonde - yeah the professor ; that' s who am talking about).Even the old classic character in Jane Eyre of " Mr.Rochester" was one hell of an imaginary character I raised as someone so real that every guy I would see was actually repeating his dialogues to me "Jane.. Jane you the most un-earthy thing, I own you as my own flesh".
Yeah I know, wayyy too fantastical but that is how I saw it.. It was like OMG! I found a guy and than it just went on and on in my small little head about him only.
And if  I connect you .. like take you back to the general state of mind you get in when and how usually we fall for people. Not th…

Like Really?

Lets take a casual walk down this blog and introduce you to the idea of this one window writing page which i intend to use as a park for people of all races, gender ,cast and creed to share and relate to what I lived and learned in my life.

So I will discuss everything from relationship to motherhood ,from sisterhood to bosses and from government to social issues and from everything else to anything we all face in our everyday lives.

So I mean everything in its real sense.